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Do You Sweat Too Much?

by Gab Billones


Everybody loves a good workout. Not only does it aid in maintaining a physically fit body, it also helps in strengthening our immune system and releasing some toxins through our sweating. And it feels really good when you’ve finished a workout routine. It feels like releasing a handful of stress, especially when you’ve sweat it all out.

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Sweating doesn’t only happen when we work out and we all knew particularly when could these instances happen. The raging heat of the sun coupled with a few movement could make us sweat as well. Sweating is just natural and is also very beneficial for us. But as we all know, everything that is excessive is bad. So when can we say that such sweating is already bad? What are the health implications of excessive sweating?

A good amount of sweat can make a girl look glowing, a man look sporty and a passionate chubby look satisfied. But when you’ve done it too much, all these don’t hold true anymore. Excessive sweating is not a good thing for any of us. As we all know, our body is made up of about 55-65 % of water. Sweat is our body’s response to rigorous activities and to the heat of our surroundings through the squeezing effect of our muscles, inducing the excretion of certain amounts of liquid in our pores. In short, sweating is our body’s natural way to cool itself. But if we already sweat too much, the dangers of dehydration is upon us.

Excessive sweating is a medical condition which is also called “hyperhidrosis“. It usually affects the hands, armpits and soles. It is being classified into 3 types depending on the severity of the problem: primary focal, secondary focal and generalized hyperhidrosis.

Each day, we lose about 2-10 liters of water, and we needed to replace that amount. Being unable to do so would cause detrimental effects to our health. Dehydration can make us feel dizzy, lightheaded, and other irritable symptoms and might even cause us to faint. If this continues, it could lead to asthma, allergies, heartburn, migraines, constipation, hypertension and even diabetes.

To counter this up, we tend to drink for the compensation of the water losses that we have incurred. But there’s no better way than taking just the proper amount of water and the right way to control our sweating. With that, here are the basic ways for you to avoid getting dehydrated and avoid sweating excessively while still maintaining to have a good sweat.

  • Water in = water out

You must have the proper amount of water in your body at all times. Sweating more than what you drink might aid in losing some of your weight but it could also aid in decrementing your health. So drink the standard amount of water a day and try to increase it when you’re doing some rigorous activities or if the temperature is way up than usual.

  • Not just water

Our sweat doesn’t only excrete water, but it comes with some of the important electrolytes that our body needs. So drinking just water cannot just simply replace  bodily fluids especially when you’re having extreme workouts. Drink water that has electrolytes in it. This could greatly aid in replacing those bodily fluids. We would suggest ionized water that are available in major commercial establishments upon working out.

  • Wear the right clothing for the right place

This would accord the good type of clothing that you must wear at different conditions. It’s best to wear your proper work-out clothes which are loose and are stretchable for you to move freely. This will avoid tangling and sweating too much because of your improper outfit. If the weather is hot, try not to wear heat-absorbing colors and aim for the light ones.

  • Have your sweat rate test

If you’re into triathlon or any sports that involves excessive sweating, you better get your sweat test. This test will determine the sweat you release and  the proper way to replenish such in order to keep your energy at maximum at all times, especially when the game is heating up. You can do this by weighing yourself without clothes before doing any exercise. After an hour, return home, strip down and weigh yourself again. Take note of the amount of water you lost during that hour and that is closely the amount of sweat you’ll be having. For better testing, you can have it on any hospitals.

And these round-up the ways that you can do to prevent the dangers of excessive sweating. Keep in mind that a good sweat isn’t the same as an excessive sweat. Workouts are not supposed to be done stressfully. Everything that relates to health should be done with the goal of striking a balance on the different factors involved.


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