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Support GMO Food Labeling, Say “Yes to i-522!”

by Gab Billones


Do you believe that anything in this world has its own purpose? That each single weed, microorganism and other matters exist to maintain the balance of nature? If you do so, then do you believe that the quest of humanity to improve our quality of living also improves the balance of nature that we’re talking about? Well, these innovations are indeed way out of nature’s capabilities. They’re not resolutely wrong. But they’re beyond our control.


From whatever perspective we use to look into it, the modernization and rapid improvement of our lives through science is one remarkable feat that we humans are blessedly endowed with. We enjoy each and every single gadget that keeps on popping out of nowhere and no one will ever deny that we somehow had already depended on these.

Of course, we also can’t deny that these innovations bring along with them perks. The truth is, the only thing that is constant in this world is change. But these changes also encourage entropy. Let’s narrow down our concern to the innovations that happened to the most essential needs of a human in order to survive – food.

Everything exists in balance, isn’t it? Consequentially, what then are the trade-offs if you disrupt such balance? The ones affected with it are those that are connected to it. So what happens really when you alter the food we eat? Do you expect that nothing will happen, or will you believe that such alterations will take its toll? If you do believe that the harms outweigh the benefits upon genetic modification of the most essential means of humans to survive, we’re giving you heads up for being able to think critically of what it greatly means to be massively masked from these greedy giant companies that push these GMOs into our digestive system.

From the word itself, those foods that are genetically modified are the ones which happens to become more practical than how it is originally – based on size, resistance and time to grow. Upon altering such traits, there’s no doubt that more consumer and farmers alike will be lured to it. Of course, who wouldn’t be with all the needed traits bundled into one? You’ll surely expect to have your instant food which is way cheaper than the naturally growing ones. You wouldn’t have to be drummed with fears on whether it will be infested with worms and pests.

Now you might ask about what causes such hype to discourage you from consuming these foods, when all you can see and hear from research and sciences is  how awesome  GMO is and how it changes the way we grow and consume our food.

Have you heard of the BT corn? It’s a corn that is genetically modified to improve the quality of the current types that farmers grow right now. Given such modifications, you’ll expect that the chances of a single seed to survive the harsh environment upon growing up is very big. Expectantly, choosing to use this type of corn will give you more yield compared to naturally growing your corn. Plus, it packs a lot of other improvements such as the ability to tolerate pesticides. So it will be a lifesaver for farmers to get rid of the hassles about worrying that such pesticide would also kill the crop. And lastly, this corn was genetically modified to counter its worst enemy – the corn borer that has been known as the corn crop menace. On one end, there’s an overwhelming promise of benefits that such

But if you’ll look closely to these effects, you’ll see that it also opens a lot of things to worry about. First on the line is the fact that these corns are immune to pesticides. Yes, the corn is immune. But do you honestly think that we, the consumers, are immune to such toxicity? For all the wrong reasons, a pesticide is an organism killer. And we ourselves are organisms. When we ingest toxic chemicals, it’s going to be harmful to our system. The sad reality is, a certain strength in the concentration of the chemical has to be reached in order for it to be effective. And right now, that’s how the modification works.

Next is the idea that BT corn can kill any stem borer that attempts to eat it. From the looks of it, it’s safe to conclude that the stem borer’s inability to survive after eating a part of the corn is a very good example of the scary feat that a GMO carries. That’s indeed horrible even if we consider the fact that only the pests are affected. How targetive is it to these pests? Because we can all agree that humans have different digestive processes. But if we believe that animal experimentation has successfully saved us from dangers of toxic medicines and newly innovated food alternatives, why is GMO an exemption, granting that it has given dangers to mice experimented with its exposure?

Now the danger comes to the fact that BT corn and other GMOs are cheaper. Since it’s cheaper, these corn has become the most commonly used commodity for manufacturing your favorite corn meal and tortilla chips. It’s even the corn used to make high-fructose corn syrup which is almost present in any food that requires sweetener. And even if it’s not yet commercialized in some states, most of the government officials bite the bait and give in to the enticing technology. How many will then be affected with this alteration?

This one single example can totally generalize every single GMO out there, whether it be plant or animal, for the simple fact that they all share a common goal as to why they are genetically modified – to provide protection from pests, tolerance to pesticide, and improve the quality of produce. And granting that the benefits are not dismissed, there’s a greater reason why activists and honest researchers contest the harms that it isn’t really safe for humans in the long-term.

Now, the main problem that has been surfacing regarding these issues is the mere fact that this product of science talks the language of science and doesn’t even intend to listen to how ethical and critical the concern is. They kept on pushing that GMOs aren’t dangerous, that the facts from their experiment shows no harm can be done to any human. But the twist is,  no harm is apparent in the short term. But how about the long run? Do they think it wouldn’t affect anything? It might even contribute to the causes  why diseases nowadays are rampant and the life expectancy is getting lower and lower.

Of course the voice of a few that is concerned has nothing to say compared to these gigantic companies like Monsanto who own and propagate such GMOs and pesticides. It’s undeniable that they hold the ace because of money and power to the point that masking these concerns would fall very easily.

For these reasons, we aim to further push more awareness to a lot of people and for a legal act regarding these concerns by strengthening the support on labeling these GMOs. We are encouraging each and every one to be more concerned on what you cannot see. But you already know the dangers that it bring, so much like how we’re unable to see things that are contingent to our lives like air. Be active on not buying these trash and start choosing those which are labeled to be 100% organic. Don’t let the price fool you, for a fake food only shows the word “food” in it when it really isn’t. Real food isn’t cheap so the idea that the cost of the food will surge higher with labeling is not true. And even if it’s true, these companies have to disclose the nature of these ‘fake foods’ to the public. In the level of compromise to health, it’s worth it.

It’s one step at a time. We concede that some foods have exemptions from labeling. But that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is for the public to make a rational choice whether they would still opt to consume genetically-modified food products or not. That way, we’re neutralizing the ground with people having access to their basic rights of choice. A rational choice is absent when one party is ill-informed. And that’s what happens when labeling is absent in these GMO products. That’s why we need as much food to be labeled right now.

Let’s make it happen not just through our words but also through our actions. If these companies like Monsanto will know how far we are in our awareness campaign by boycotting and avoiding their products, we can make it harder for them to generate more money that will fund their genetic modification scheme of the food that we eat. Let’s make it happen by starting it first with you.Let’s protect the future generations and improve our quality of living in a natural way.


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