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Why Children Need a Good Night Sleep

by Gab Billones


Sleeping is something that everyone needs regardless age, condition and other factors of individuality. It’s the best way for us to rest, regain some strength and allow our bodies to maximize body processes and metabolism Given that, we all crave to have a sound sleep every day without the worries of tomorrow. But of all the ages that need it the most, it seems that children are the most disinterested ones with the benefits of sleeping.

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Sleep is no less important than children’s food, drink, safety and vitamins. These children need that proper amount of good night sleep and parents play an important role for them to learn and develop such good habit. To do this, a parent must know the critical nature of sleep to the children’s growth and development. These are the facts that sleep does to them.

  • Aids in optimal alertness

The best way for our children to learn more and understand well is for them to be in their optimal alertness at all times. Through having a healthy sleep, our children’s senses will be hyped well-enough for them to become interested in how the world works, thus enabling them to properly grasp it. Well, being hyper-alert  are given for them so cutting back their sleep is really not advisable. Having this could greatly aid in their ability to become calmly attentive into something that they become so interested about and we don’t want to alter such behavior.

  • Proper length of sleep

Children needs sufficient amount of sleep and such need varies by age and individuality. For most kids between 5-12 years of age, the proper amount of sleep is ranged between 9.5-11 hours. Such amounts will render them the ability to function well in class and have pleasurable behaviors without being easily irritable.

  • Effects on Weekly Performance

Imagine what a single sleepless night can do to you. Now double that up and that’s what your children might end up experiencing. A single day of sleep deprivation will affect their performance throughout the week or even more. As a result, they may become very sleepy during day times and easily irritable. In such manner, sleep deprivation trickles a certain effect to children in acting or performing in class for the coming days or week. It disrupts their body clock which their bodies have to chase after to keep up with the normal regulatory intervals.

  • Less sleep, less growth

This is one of the common expressions we remember our parents of. According to researchers, too little sleep can affect the growth of your child since this will affect their immune system. A compromised immune system will surely hinder them growing healthily.And we have to understand that sleeping gives these systems a time to rest and listen to the body’s internal pace. This is precisely the reason why humans can live without food for 3weeks, no water for 7 days but only for 3-4 days without sleep.

Children’s need to have a good sleep is very glaring that it could be very detrimental if deprivation happens otherwise. Without a proper assessment to this, it could lead into conditions which could affect their ability to perform well in class. So always give them a quality sleep. The best way to give them a quality amount of sleep is by being there to help them knock to it. Read bedtime stories and convince them that you yourself are also getting a bit sleepy (yes, sleepiness is contagious). Also, try to put them asleep as early as possible like around 8 pm so that they could wake up earlier for school and it won’t be hard for you to wake them up. Scientifically, sleeping at night has a calming effect compared to sleeping during daytime.

Keep their sleeping habits at a quality time, just like how you do it with their meals and healthcare needs. In doing so, you can make sure that the best opportunities  for your children are laid out properly under control.


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