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How to Deal with Common Cold Naturally

by Gab Billones


Winter has dawned and the weather is getting colder. And one of the remarkable body reactions to such occurrence is common cold. As what the name implies, catching a cold is very common in these instances. It’s not just the general chill of the weather. We’re talking about the annoying cold with cough and flu.

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Common cold targets people with poor immune system It spans people from different ages. This annoying condition adds up to a lot of sleepless nights, sick days, chapped noses, crumpled tissues and general feeling of uneasiness.

This cold virus can’t easily be attacked but it can generally disappear in time with enough rest and mitigation strategies for the effects of the virus. You wouldn’t need to buy any expensive medicines to for treatment because here we will bring to you the most effective natural remedies against cold.

Here are  some of the homemade remedies which have proven effective results against common cold.

  • Drink hot beverage and have some soup.

Yes, we all hear that drinking tea and having a bowl of chicken soup can treat your cold. And with all honesty, these practices are proven to aid in these tough times. When we swallow a hot drink, the heat will gets transferred to the esophagus and wind pipe that can aid in loosening the mucus, making it easier to cough out. Expelling such mucus gives us relief during a common cold.

  • Stay hydrated.

Every sick person needs to be hydrated. With that, we must generally follow the rule of drinking 8 glasses of water a day or have some water therapy. This can greatly aid in your fast recovery since it makes the mucus less sticky and thinner. Indeed, by keeping hydrated at all times, we give our bodies more energy to keep up with the processes that our bodies demand. Make sure that you’re drinking a warm water instead of a cold one. You can then add natural infusions into it such as lemon.

  • Breathe some steam.

Breathing in some steam can also aid in your cold. Running a hot shower and applying some warm compress over your nose can help loosen up the mucus. Make sure that you’ve taken enough rest before you go to the hot shower to give ample time for the body to adjust.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables.

The nutrients and vitamins in these foods can help the immune system in recovering from the attack of the cold virus. Take some raw organics but avoid those that can irritate your esophagus. Do some research on foods with just the right amount of sugar in response to the mucus production levels.

  • Get some rest.

This is probably the best and easiest remedy to colds. The effects of the cold virus like flu and cough are our bodies’ natural approach in expelling the disease. And it takes a long rest for it to recover from such condition. Sometimes, common cold happens right after a strenuous activity or stressful engagements. So find time to stay home and relax your body.

And these are the natural treatments to common colds that are easy, practical and effective. No matter what condition it is, there’s an exclusive value in being preventive about such diseases. And the way to deal with that is by making sure that your immune system is strong. So make sure that you always keep your immune system up. Follow these treatments everyday to make sure that you’re keeping up with your health.


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