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The Most Common Food Allergies and their Immediate Natural Treatments

by Gab Billones


Food is one of the most interesting aspects of life. We love feeding ourselves with different cuisines and delicacies that suit our taste buds. But just like any other aspect of life, food has its own limitations. Its diversity leads into complications for some people that could worsen into irritations and life-threatening situations.  Hives, swelling, vomiting and even death can happen from these cases of indigestion. These are more popularly known as food allergies.

According to Food Allergy Initiative, about 12 million Americans have food allergies. And in every 13 children who are under the age of 18, there is one child who experiences this food incompatibility. Food allergy involves the immune system and its reaction towards the digestion of certain food proteins. When the immune system deems that such food poses an eminent threat, it releases histamines and other chemicals to the blood in order to protect it from possible infection. Accordingly, this can be inborn or developed.

It’s more than the differences in our affinity to tastes. Some people who love to eat seafood are unfortunately suffering from allergies in eating shrimp, red crabs and many others. Some people who love sweets have allergies in certain fruits that seem to be heavens for others. Despite these unfortunate restrictions, its effects can be mitigated.

Here are the most common food allergies and their corresponding treatments. These treatments are natural supplements to Epipren and have been proven to fight against such allergens.

Milk Allergy

Statistically, milk is the most common allergy among children. It is caused by the reaction of allergens which can be found in the milk of the cow such as casein and beta-lactoglobulin. According to the Mayo Clinic, milk allergies can include digestive complications, wheezing, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and hives. Fortunately, it does not lead to the fatal anaphylaxis which is the tightening of airways in a dangerous level. And the children are able to get over this kind of allergy by the time they reach 3 years old.  Indeed, 80% of children who reach the age of 5 have already outgrown such kind of allergy in milk.

Anti-histamines could be taken to neutralize the effects of hives, runny nose and abdominal pain. A pasteurized milk is also recommended to counter the effect of this allergy-causing milk.

A juice fast for 5 days would be good enough in reviving the natural state of the body metabolism after such allergy. It restores the normal functioning of the immune system and it also increases the body’s tolerance against such allergens.  One of the most effective ones is the carrot juice mixed with the beet or cucumber juice.


Peanut Allergy

This type of allergy is the most common food reaction for adults. A peanut allergy is being triggered by a nut that is found on a food which could lead to vomiting, breathing problems and swelling of throat or tongue to the sufferer. Sadly though, peanut allergy contributes to several recorded cases of deaths because of suffocation and anaphylaxis.

Since a peanut allergy could worsen into anaphylaxis, a bronchodilator such as the albuterol could help in the reduction of the breathing difficulties. In case it worsens into an asthma attack, epinephrine should be given and medical treatment should be sought of immediately.

Naturally, banana is referred to as the most effective home remedy for allergy because of its ability to prevent and cure certain symptoms such as skin rashes and skin irritations. And these are the most visible complications caused by allergens. More than that, bananas are also good in preventing the triggers of these allergens. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to consume one banana every day.

Roasted peanuts are the better alternatives but for safer means, all forms of peanuts should be avoided.

Seafood allergy

The seafood allergy is one of the most common food allergies precisely because seafood is generally harder to digest compared to other foods. Snail, crab lobster, shrimp, oyster, salmon and many others cause nausea, dramatic swelling in airways, diarrhea and other worse complications to people allergic to seafood. These people are so sensitive to it that even just smelling the food while being cooked could already cause the allergens to react.

One of the effective solutions to this is mixing 5 drops of Castor oil and lukewarm water in a cup until it is half-filled. Another one is the solution of half of lime and lukewarm water, added with a teaspoon of honey.  The latter solution provides detoxifying benefits for the body. These drinks should be taken in an empty stomach every morning for a couple of months.

The other common food allergens are soy, egg, wheat and tree nuts. Fish and shellfish can generally fall under the seafood category and they are the most notable under the seafood allergies. These 8 foods contribute to about 50 to 80% of all cases of food allergies. The other natural supplements that could help in fighting against food allergies are quercetin, glutamine, milk thistle and inulin.

You have to remember that prevention is always better than cure. This is the reason why you should always check on the labels of the food that you buy in the grocery store. For example, if you’re allergic with soy and a food contains a derivative of soy in the form of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, you should not take it. If it contains any concentration of the food that you’re allergic with, never purchase it.

Also, go to restaurants that are not self-service. The problem with self-service food serving is that utensils can be used from one dish to another. And this could actually mix traces of the allergen to the food that you’re eating. Be cautious about these kinds of instances. This is what we call cross-contamination. Another manifestation of this is an ice cream scoop being used in a Rocky Road ice cream, then to vanilla ice cream. Rocky road contains peanuts so people with indigestion to peanuts can develop body reactions.

Eating food is a blessing. But it doesn’t give you any excuse on taking foods that are not right for you. They say you should take things in life if you want to. Yet in the event that it compromises your life, nothing is resolutely worth risk-taking. Stay away from foods that you are allergic with. And trim your choices to many other options that gives you more reasons to celebrate and appreciate life.


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