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The Recent Challenges in Obamacare

by Gab Billones


Spokane, Washington – November 24th 2013 – Obamacare has started rolling its health plans across the country to implement its goal; to insure the 48 million uninsured  American. But despite the efforts of the administration to make it more favorable to the citizen, criticism still pursues as there are a lot of trade-offs connected to it. Obamacare aims to subsidize all of the health care plans for a more affordable and practical policy, but this would require insured Americans to cancel their existing health care plans to cater the rules and regulations written in the said act. If you insist, you’ll be paying a penalty.

The reason for this is that some health care plans don’t cover the required benefits in the said act, such as free prescription drug coverage and free hospital care. If such policy of a certain insurance company won’t edit their plans, then they would not be included in the list of allowed companies to sell health care insurance plans by 2013.

Such protest against the government started when the president released a statement regarding the issue, saying that cancellations are far from possible. But with the recent development of the act, cancellations are very much possible to happen and this could greatly affect other cheap and substandard policies and the existing policies of the 20% insured Americans.

The rage continues as the majority of the consumers disagree with the proposed benefits of the act. As such, the government is determined to ensure its citizens that such policies would greatly benefit them, as they will be collaborating with big and trusted insurance companies. Fear will always be on the side of the majority since it can’t be denied that the plan is new and very much vulnerable. But the government is determined to implement it, stating that risks are essential in getting a better security.

To know more about the recent challenges of the policies in Obamacare, visit link https://geekgrass.com/2013/11/15/the-latest-challenges-of-health-policies-under-obamacare/

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