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Why You Should Eat a Healthy Breakfast

by Gab Billones


Breakfast is the most important meal in your daily life routine. It prepares you for all the energy demands that you will encounter for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, a lot of people undermine the value of a good breakfast. They miss this significant meal and think that having a heavy lunch could well-compensate for the missed breakfast.

Moreover, finally deciding to have a breakfast meal and making it a routine is not enough. The greater significance falls on the kind of breakfast that you take. This is why health plays a very crucial role in the determination of the foods that should be present in your plate. Remember, your breakfast meal could have an unconscious effect on your food choices for the rest of the day. As what others say, it’s going to set an essential tone.

Here are some of the reasons why you should eat a breakfast.


Break the fast

Defining the real purpose of a breakfast, it starts up our body engines and prepares them for an entire day of processing. We have to understand that when we sleep, we relax almost all of our body muscles and slow down our metabolic rate. This means that we need to have a triggering engine by the moment we wake up that would liven up our body processes, so much so that we will not experience a shock that would give us a fuzzy feeling.

You can take a whole grain unsweetened cereal, fruits high in fiber, low-carbohydrate food sides, non-fat milk and many others. You need to spare effort in finding the healthiest options you can have because this will essentially have an impact in your eating cycle later on. An example of which is when you eat sugar-loaded bagels in the morning coupled with a vanilla latte, you’d more likely crave for sweeter options in the morning snack, take a late lunch and feel sleepy in the afternoon. We don’t want that to happen and we can obviously break the fast in the healthiest means possible.

Focus and Mental Sharpness

According to Dr. Zelman of WebMD along with many other diet nutritionists and experts, a good breakfast is an essential precondition towards having focus and mental sharpness after. In a certain study that isolated the performance of a group of students in the academe given their breakfast-taking portfolios, concentration and the ability to sharply respond with critical-thinking  are more likely achieved when someone has taken  his or her breakfast. This same principle applies to people who go for the office work and just passes by this important meal.

Furthermore, in a data provided by the American Dietetic Association, breakfast-eaters also tend to excel in problem-solving and eye-hand coordination. Apparently, the benefits of having a healthy morning breakfast is overwhelming.

Weight Control

Having a good breakfast normalizes the metabolic needs of your body. As what has been said, when someone misses a breakfast, he or she tends to compensate for such need during the lunch, causing him or her to eat more than what was needed. These conditions lead to weight gain most especially that foods high in carbohydrates such as rice are favorite supplements during those times of revamp from a certain deprivation.

According to the data provided by the National Weight Control Registry, about 80% of successful weight losers engage into a healthy, well-balanced calorie-controlled and low-fat breakfast. This is because breakfast signifies the other healthy choices a person would make, along with exercises and engagements into physical activity. Taking the high-quality protein in eggs or ensuring that lean protein is present in the breakfast meal could already work well.

The best way to achieve a healthy breakfast is to prepare for it. You can go to the grocery and purchase the foods necessary for your week plan of breakfast. An orange juice or milk could well-substitute for that cup of coffee. Make it as fun and interesting as it could be by following or creating your breakfast recipe. Definitely, you could spark change in your diet and food preferences.


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