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What Am I Up To These Days? Biking, Exercising & Ironman

by Valik Rudd


All this time, I’ve been up and down. On a diet, off a diet, trying to do a juice fast & trying to exercise. The biggest accomplishment that I have reached is that I have replaced my breakfast and lunch with healthy choices. Slowly, over time, I’ve replaced my breakfast with fruits and nuts, and lunch with a healthier version.

Recently though I have replaced both of those meals with a protein shake. Now normally I would not do that, because of all the sugar and crap they put in those shakes. This one is different, it is called LSVIBE, from Life Shotz. I has awesome ingredients and actually tastes great.

I’ve been taking it for a week now, replacing my breakfast and lunch with it. And I must say, I love it. I look forward to having it every time.

I have also put my eye on the Ironman triathlon. Three people around me are training for it, and one just completed it last weekend. This has peaked my interest and is a great motivator. I may actually do this thing one day.

I have also started exercising at a gym and started biking. It’s not much but a great start. Comes out to be about an hour a day for now. Don’t want to get ahead of my self.

That’s my update. What have you been up to?


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