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Hello, I am Valik and I'm just a computer geek that's been working a desk job for the last 20 years and all the Ho Hos have got the best of me, now it's time to turn back and take back my health. read more »
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GeekGrass is an alternative health and lifestyle blog. What started as a personal juice fasting diary, GeekGrass is growing into a full alternative health news site. Our goal is to keep growing and improving it to provide value to our readers.

In the world of toxic ingredients in foods and in our environment bombarding us from all the sides, we try to bring to light ways to survive. We publish health news and resources as well as other information that is vital to healthy and prosperous life.

We want you to be healthy and have a full and happy life so we do all we can to bring to light things that have potential to sabotage that.

Enjoy the blog and let us know if you have any question.

~ Valik Rudd

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Juice Fasting To Lose 80+ Pounds

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