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Hello, I am Valik and I'm just a computer geek that's been working a desk job for the last 20 years and all the Ho Hos have got the best of me, now it's time to turn back and take back my health. read more »
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  1. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking Weight Loss Pills


    In accordance with the statistical data of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 17% of people in the age range of 12-19 are considered obese. This means that about 12.5 million children and adolescents in America are at the high risk of chronic diseases and health complications. Overall, more than 60% of Americans… read more »

  2. Support GMO Food Labeling, Say “Yes to i-522!”


    Do you believe that anything in this world has its own purpose? That each single weed, microorganism and other matters exist to maintain the balance of nature? If you do so, then do you believe that the quest of humanity to improve our quality of living also improves the balance of nature that we’re talking… read more »

  3. The Story of a Food Thermometer


    Each one of us is concerned enough with our health. As a result, we find ways and keep ourselves updated as to what would be good and bad for ourselves and our families. We tend to avoid those that incorporate GMOs in their ingredients, as well as those that have harmful preservatives and excessive amounts… read more »

  4. Do You Sweat Too Much?


    Everybody loves a good workout. Not only does it aid in maintaining a physically fit body, it also helps in strengthening our immune system and releasing some toxins through our sweating. And it feels really good when you’ve finished a workout routine. It feels like releasing a handful of stress, especially when you’ve sweat it… read more »

  5. How to Avoid Products with GMO


    Every single thing is in this world is a product of nature. Each has its own specific function that keeps everything in balance and in order. Even those things that we once thought are not useful have been later known to be very effective in other aspects. The thought of altering such balance will definitely… read more »

  6. The Nature of Hereditary Diseases


    When we have a disease, the first idea that pops out of our mind is to cure it. For that, we have our hospital visit, to check-up our health and for the physician to diagnose what kind of treatment and medicine will we be needing. If you don’t go to a hospital, surely you’ll take… read more »

  7. The Underrated Importance of Mucus in Human’s Health


    When your nose and throat begin to feel slimy, irritated and itchy, you’re sick. But being sick isn’t the only thing that bothers us the most. What I’m talking about is we feel sicker on the thought of having these sticky goo in our system rather than the fact that we have a cold, a… read more »

  8. Why Mice are Favorite Subjects of Researchers for Animal Experimentation


    From formulating a breakthrough cancer treatment to testing different dietary supplements, mice can now be considered mainstays in the scientific research department. They have always been a critical tool in these scientific endeavors and so far, the results are satisfactory. But why are mice the  favorite subjects of researchers for animal experimentation? More than their… read more »

  9. Gardening For Geeks


    How appropriate, just what every geek should have on their book shelf. Gardening For Geeks is a gardening book that goes beyond your regular knowledge that your grandma taught you.. or didn’t. It discusses the ecosystem and the environment that your garden is in. You will learn how the meteors and rockets flying above will affect your… read more »

  10. Awesome Levitation Technology, Can I Get One Of Those?


    Now we are talking! I’ve been dreaming about something liket this since I was 12. I have heard of the Maglev train and always thought that was amazing but it was still connected to the grid, and in a major way. But this… no wires, just some magnets and a really cold piece of metal,… read more »