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  1. Which Potato Would You Rather Eat?


    This girl did an awesome job showing the difference in organic vs traditional vegetables. You’ve gotta watch this video and give her props.  

  2. The Worst Processed Foods for your Health


    There’s a part of us that fully recognizes the harms attached to processed foods that we easily and enjoyably swallow in an instant. But most of the time, we dismiss them and never go deeper in knowing what it really is. Yet for some who are health-conscious enough on how these silent killers make their… read more »

  3. The Risks of Eating Red Meat


    There is indeed no doubt that a recipe of red meat makes a very fine cuisine. It’s a classic ingredient that brings everyone in the family seated at the table while sharing different kinds of talks along with its tenderness and juiciness, especially on Sundays. But despite its warm effect towards socialization and gatherings, this… read more »

  4. E-cigarettes, Still Killers


    “Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health” – it’s a public consensus that we hear from ads relating to smoking.  Apparently, we don’t need to warn you about that over and over again. All throughout the course of its lifetime, cigarettes have been deemed as the main cause of damaged lungs, complicated arteries and the… read more »

  5. Why 160 Countries Say, “No to US Meats”


    “You know things are bad in the US industrial food system when Russia seems to know more about it than American citizens do.” As alarming as it may sound, this statement had posed a serious call for all consumers as to what is there to worry about. Just a few months ago, Russia had joined… read more »

  6. Top 16 Food Ingredients That Will Probably Kill You


    Admittedly, it can be a hassle to read every ingredient on a food label in the grocery store, especially when you get down to the chemical compounds that might as well be written in Japanese. It however is in your best interest to know and understand what you are putting into your’s and your children’s… read more »

  7. Top 10 Genetically Engineered Foods To Avoid Like The Plague


    Genetically modified foods, known in short as GM foods, are foods that have been altered to produce an unnatural, but desirable result. Although this may sound relatively benign, genetically modified foods contain high levels of toxicity. Consuming genetically modified foods has been shown to increase birth defects as well as a myriad of other diseases,… read more »

  8. BPA-Free Scam To Get You To Buy More Plastics Worked!


    Just when you thought you were safe now that your plastic food containers are all BPA-free, a violent shock to your being… Nobody told you about BP-F, BP-S and the rest of the alphabet. Seems like this big deal about BPA was released to make everyone freak out and then when they came up with… read more »

  9. Thyroid Diseases Linked to Popular Beverages, Citrus Flavor in Particular


    More than 12% of people in the United States will develop some sort of thyroid problem. That is the statistic and this number can be lower or even completely insignificant if people would start reading their food labels and educating themselves on what it is that they are putting into their bodies.