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Hello, I am Valik and I'm just a computer geek that's been working a desk job for the last 20 years and all the Ho Hos have got the best of me, now it's time to turn back and take back my health. read more »
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  1. The Recent Challenges in Obamacare


    Spokane, Washington – November 24th 2013 – Obamacare has started rolling its health plans across the country to implement its goal; to insure the 48 million uninsured  American. But despite the efforts of the administration to make it more favorable to the citizen, criticism still pursues as there are a lot of trade-offs connected to… read more »

  2. The Latest Challenges of Health Policies under Obamacare


    Obamacare is probably the most sensational legal reform of the year. With the alleged cancellation of thousands of health insurance plans across many different states, it created a nationwide stir, bouncing up criticisms on the real agenda behind the act. As Obamacare trudges its selfless goal of making sure that all Americans are insured by… read more »

  3. The Side Effects of Cancer Treatments and Over-Diagnosis


    They say that anything that comes in excess is already bad. But in the medical world, the concept of overtreatment is less considered most especially for severe diseases like cancer. The idea of overdiagnosis leading to overtreatment is heavily pointed to cancer screening.  And the whole issue of overtreatment dates back on discussions about how… read more »

  4. Top 16 Food Ingredients That Will Probably Kill You


    Admittedly, it can be a hassle to read every ingredient on a food label in the grocery store, especially when you get down to the chemical compounds that might as well be written in Japanese. It however is in your best interest to know and understand what you are putting into your’s and your children’s… read more »

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