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Juice VS Smoothie?

I get this question pretty often so I thought I’d add it to the blog. Being in the juice fasting world for a while now, smoothies and juice are a world apart for me but I can see how for someone just starting out can mix or relate the two together.

juice vs smoothieSmoothie is basically food like you normally would eat, you just outsource the chewing to a blender. You still get all the same food all the same fiber and everything that a food would have, just in a semi-liquid form.

The food become juice when you rake all the fiber out of it and squeeze or use som other method to get all the juice out of the food. It’s like having an really nutritional IV except you drink it instead of putting it in your vein.

The reason you want to have juice rather than smoothies is because you want to let your digestive system rest and let your body spend that energy on healing you instead. The digestive system takes up a lot of energy to do it’s work so letting it rest is very good for your body. It can focus on healing all kinds of things.

Personally, I was amazed at what kinds of things went away with my first fast. But mine was a 40 day fast sandwiched in between 20 days of raw food. And when you do it that long it really goes in and deep heals all kinds of things.

Previously broken bones get completely healed, all kinds of skin conditions. I used to bite my cheeks on the inside of my mouth as a habit. I could not get rid of this horrible habit for nothing. I thought it would never go away, but after juicing, and it wasn’t until about 6 months later that I’ve noticed that I don’t do it anymore. I was thrilled!

So it’s not just your getting skinny and healthy, your weird issues get healed too. Your diet changes after a juice fast that is that long. Your brain forgets how food taste, and I mean the food that is chemically made for your brain to be addicted to. MSGs and other additives, pasta, all kinds of other starches that are addictive, they all fall off. You have a brand new start. After the fast you get to choose what you are going to eat rather than your body telling you what it wants.

Alright enough rattling on and on. You can see I am passionate about this topic and I could continue talking about it for ever.

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