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The Recent Challenges Against Obamacare

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON – November 24th,2013 -Obamacare has started rolling its health plans across the country to implement its goal; to cater the 48 million uninsured Americans. But despite the efforts of the administration to make it more favorable to the citizen, criticism still pursues as there are a lot of trade-offs connected to it. Obamacare aims to subsidize all of the health care plans for a more affordable and practical policy, but this would require insured Americans to cancel their existing health care plans to cater the rules and regulations written in the said act…

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Simple Guide to Avoiding Genetically Engineered (GMO) Products Published by GeekGrass Blog

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON – October 25,2013 – In response to the lax regulation in terms of GMO labeling, there’s an inherent value in knowing how to avoid products with GMO most especially if you’re aware of the consequences of its consumption. Check the most essential steps that you should undertake in order to be wise with your options, granting that at stake is the health of your family.  After all, it pays to be aware of the risk and what you could do to prevent it…

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Avoiding Genetically Engineered Food

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON – July 19th, 2013 – These days more than half of the food supply is harmful. It is as good as consuming pesticides as eating the food that is available in the stores. Processed food is harmful and everyone knows that but there is this hazardous food which is also known as the genetically modified food. These food items are altered to produce desirable products but in the most unnatural ways. These GM foods contain full of toxins because of the way they are produced.

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