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  1. How to Prevent Chickenpox


    Being infected with a chickenpox is probably one of the worst days you’ll ever experience in your life. Not only are the fluid-filled bumps very itchy and annoying, this disease also carries other illnesses such as flu, loss of appetite and headaches. And the aftermath of which are a handful of ugly scars all over… read more »

  2. How to Avoid Products with GMO


    Every single thing is in this world is a product of nature. Each has its own specific function that keeps everything in balance and in order. Even those things that we once thought are not useful have been later known to be very effective in other aspects. The thought of altering such balance will definitely… read more »

  3. How Often Should You Detox Your Body


    Our body is one of the greatest machines in this world. It is capable of doing miraculous things that we ourselves even wonder how they happen. But just like any other machine, despite how efficient it works, it never really is secured from the threats that causes it to malfunction. The threat that our body… read more »

  4. The Health Implications of Nostalgia


    Remember those old memories of yours when you’ve tried the stupidest thing that you thought you would never do? What about the most regrettable experience that lingers up until now? Or those longing for someone you haven’t seen for a long time? What about those longing to go back to the place where you grew… read more »

  5. The Nature of Hereditary Diseases


    When we have a disease, the first idea that pops out of our mind is to cure it. For that, we have our hospital visit, to check-up our health and for the physician to diagnose what kind of treatment and medicine will we be needing. If you don’t go to a hospital, surely you’ll take… read more »

  6. The Underrated Importance of Mucus in Human’s Health


    When your nose and throat begin to feel slimy, irritated and itchy, you’re sick. But being sick isn’t the only thing that bothers us the most. What I’m talking about is we feel sicker on the thought of having these sticky goo in our system rather than the fact that we have a cold, a… read more »

  7. The Best Healthy Alternatives to Coffee for Staying Awake and Alert


    We all know that feeling when we push ourselves to follow the snooze in our alarms, crawl out to bed and then suddenly get back to life as soon as we take a sip from our coffee-filled cup. Coffee is a very potent drink to help us stay awake and alert. For some, it is… read more »

  8. Getting Rid of Recurring Hiccups


    In the course of our lifetime, we all have experienced that annoying contractions in our diaphragm that causes us to jerk and make a “hic” sound. Yes, that’s a hiccup and although most cases are just short-lived, some records have shown of it lasting for years – a Guinness title holder was granted to a… read more »

  9. Boosting Mental Health for Student Athletes


    If you’re an athlete, being physically fit is indeed one if your innate abilities. For all the wrong reasons, no one can join any sport without passing the different tests pertaining to the physical capability of the aspiring athlete. With all those demands in the physical perspective, checking their mental health sometimes get neglected. But… read more »

  10. Coping Up With Chronic Kidney Disease


    Sometimes, we pay no attention to what could be happening inside our bodies. We keep on stuffing junk foods in it not considering how much can these hefty amounts of salt damage our kidneys. And by the time that our fears get realized, all we can do is regret the days when we became stubborn… read more »

  11. What you need to Know about Yogurts


    It’s really no wonder why yogurt products have taken over the dairy aisle on your favorite grocery store. Yogurt,  as of today, is generally perceived as the healthiest dairy product – big thanks to the efforts of commercials showing its health implications and the recommendations of health experts. Although the heavy promotion has indeed dramatically… read more »

  12. The Health Benefits of Fish Oil


    When it comes to the budding dietary supplements nowadays, one of the most trusted and most effective is the fish oil. Fish oil has a considerable amount of the healthiest unsaturated fatty acid which is the omega-3. Omega-3 plays an important role in maintaining your health with a notable effect on your cardiovascular system. Omega-3… read more »

  13. Why Mice are Favorite Subjects of Researchers for Animal Experimentation


    From formulating a breakthrough cancer treatment to testing different dietary supplements, mice can now be considered mainstays in the scientific research department. They have always been a critical tool in these scientific endeavors and so far, the results are satisfactory. But why are mice the  favorite subjects of researchers for animal experimentation? More than their… read more »

  14. How to Detect Non-Symptomatic Cancer the Earliest


    In a life of uncertainty, one thing is definitely certain – that we’re all bound to be on the other side. And that’s a certain fact that we can’t escape – death. But what’s more frustrating than accepting the fact that you’re dying is knowing that you could’ve done something before to prevent it from… read more »

  15. Comparing the Different Kinds of Multivitamins


    For other things, aging seasons us to become stronger. But generally, aging obviously makes us weaker. As we move past our 30th year, we’re starting to feel the weariness that introduces us to the world of different illnesses and if you’ve spoiled yourself big time, then expect the surprises that the dawn to aging will… read more »