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  1. The Health Implications of Weekly Egg Consumption


    With almost everything getting more expensive nowadays, the only asset that we have that’s worth endowing is our health. Having a good health is one of the greatest investments that you could ever reward for yourself.  But despite how easy we can say it out of our mouth, keeping it that way had become hard…. read more »

  2. Avoiding High Blood Pressure in Today’s World


    In a recent survey, 1 out of 4 Americans are prone to the risks of high blood pressure. It’s quite a spike compared to the surveys around 4 years ago. High blood pressure is one of the most common illnesses in the world since time immemorial. Out of the word common, this unexpected attacks are… read more »

  3. Essential Health Tests for Staying Well


    Our body is one of the most intricately designed masterpieces bound in Earth. Every single cell that constitutes the different tissues up to organs are crafted superfluously to perform its task at optimum performance. This is the reason why above all living organisms in Earth, we stand far higher in almost all aspects. But despite… read more »

  4. Healthy Protein Sources


    If you’ve already read about our article on the risks of eating red meat , you’ll probably think that a great deal of your protein diet has been scrapped. But to tell you honestly, cutting back your red meat intake isn’t really a problem to worry about for there are far healthier options in which… read more »

  5. How to Stop Childhood Obesity


    One of the jobs of parents towards their children is to make sure that not only are they getting a proper education but also that they’re getting a proper nutrition. With that being said, they must also make sure that different things around their children must not distract their appetite towards eating. But just as… read more »

  6. The Worst Processed Foods for your Health


    There’s a part of us that fully recognizes the harms attached to processed foods that we easily and enjoyably swallow in an instant. But most of the time, we dismiss them and never go deeper in knowing what it really is. Yet for some who are health-conscious enough on how these silent killers make their… read more »

  7. The Risks of Eating Red Meat


    There is indeed no doubt that a recipe of red meat makes a very fine cuisine. It’s a classic ingredient that brings everyone in the family seated at the table while sharing different kinds of talks along with its tenderness and juiciness, especially on Sundays. But despite its warm effect towards socialization and gatherings, this… read more »

  8. How to Prevent Pancreatic Cancer


    In a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute last 2005, dietary intake and risk towards pancreatic cancer could hardly be drawn. This is probably due to the fact that the results are inconsistent, much more with its graphical comparison with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. We have to concede, pancreatic… read more »

  9. The Side Effects of Cancer Treatments and Over-Diagnosis


    They say that anything that comes in excess is already bad. But in the medical world, the concept of overtreatment is less considered most especially for severe diseases like cancer. The idea of overdiagnosis leading to overtreatment is heavily pointed to cancer screening.  And the whole issue of overtreatment dates back on discussions about how… read more »

  10. Why Pregnant Women Need Good Sleep


    For most women, pregnancy is the time of great joy, excitement and anticipation. It’s a birth of a new life and the start of each mother’s new life. It’s one of the greatest gifts that a family could ever have that they would give anything to keep the child healthy, safe and sound. One of… read more »

  11. How to Save Money on a Healthy Diet


    Nowadays, the prices of food are really much costlier compared to the prices way back a decade ago. The landscape of nutrition has constantly evolved along the times. People have perceived different mindsets about nutritional diets and have established norms. One of which is the idea that healthy living is always expensive, that a choice… read more »

  12. The Health Benefits of Garlic


    When we talk about garlic, many of us would associate it in its culinary uses. We think of it as the spice that makes fried rice extra yummy, as the appetizing aroma of almost every dish, and as the perfect complement to onion and anything delicious that we can think of. We even associate it… read more »

  13. E-cigarettes, Still Killers


    “Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health” – it’s a public consensus that we hear from ads relating to smoking.  Apparently, we don’t need to warn you about that over and over again. All throughout the course of its lifetime, cigarettes have been deemed as the main cause of damaged lungs, complicated arteries and the… read more »

  14. GMO Global Alert


    Pay close attention to what you’re about to see as these images will be seen all over the world. These rats were fed with transgenic corn in their entire life cycle. The tumors they suffer from are enormous. The study that revealed the  effects of these GMOs to the health of these rats has just been… read more »

  15. The Best Comfort Foods for Depression and Anxiety


    Regardless of the kind of food that we’re eating, there’s no doubt that filling our stomach gives us a rewarding comfort. But when we talk about comfort foods, it is not just about quenching our cravings, it’s like defining our own version of comfort through foods. Comfort foods are those foods that soothes our being…. read more »