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What is Chlorophyll & Why You Need A Lot Of It

Chlorophyll is basically liquid life, some call it “liquid sunshine”. All the plant on Earth are based on it and it flows through their veins like blood in ours. Chlorophyll converts sunlight and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen. Without it’s oxygen replenishing ability our Earth would have ran out of oxygen a long time ago. So what does that have anything to do with you and why you need a lot of it?

Human red blood cells are almost molecularly identical to Chlorophyll. When we ingest Chlorophyll, it rushes abundant amounts of oxygen right into the blood and into our brain and organs. It creates an oxogenated environment in which harmful bacteria, viruses and infections can not exist. It detoxifies and protects organs and cells from radiation, as well as boosts the immune system to the max.

You are probably saying, “Well, Where can I get my hands on this amazing supplement?”. The great news is that it is easier than you think. Chlorophyll is the lifeblood of all plant life. It is especially abundant in the darker green leafy vegetables. So things like Kale, Spinach, Beet Greens and others like this have the most Chlorophyll in them. So run out to the store and buy a bunch of those vegetables, but make sure they are organic.

Eat as much as you can of these vegetables and you will benefit enormously. Better yet, juice them! You can juice 6 stalks/leafs of Kale and it will yield about half cup of juice which you can down in one or two gulps, but imagine sitting there and chewing on those 6 leafs… it would take you a long time, plus I doubt you could eat them just like that. Plus if you drink the juice, there is not digestion period and filtration of any kind, it goes directly into your blood.

So now you know. Load up on your greens and prosper! Feel free to copy/paste this link and email it to anybody you know that might be able to use this info.

Feel free to copy/paste this link and email it to anybody you know that might be able to use this info.

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